UltraGauge Combination Mount

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The Combination Mount combines the UltraGauge horizontal and vertical surface mount into one unit. The unit has three separate components, the base and locking ring, the horizontal mounting stalk and the vertical mounting stalk. The stalks simply interchange by unscrewing the locking ring, removing the mount out of the ball joint and replacing with the alternate mount. This mount is ideal for mounting UltraGauge on a horizontal or vertical surfaces, such as a steering column, console or dash.


NOTE: The UltraGauge Bracket is not designed to fully slide on the the "T" slot of the mount. Only slide the bracket on to the "T" enough to hold it securely in place. Attempting to fully insert the Bracket onto the "T" slot will likely result in damage to the bracket.

Once removed from its protective bag, the combination mount cannot be returned for a refund. Because the adhesive performance is customer installation dependent, the adhesive has no warranty. Please ensure to clean the mounting surface thoroughly before application.

 * While the mount can be used on the dash, this is discouraged since dash temperatures can exceed the maximum temperature of UltraGauge and damage the display. This can be resolved with the use of a Windshield Sun Shade. With the use of a Sun Shade the Horizontal mount provides an excellent dash mount solution.

 ** The adhesive should not be exposed to prolonged high temperatures, such as is common when a vehicle is parked in the sun with the windows up and no form of shading. The adhesive will eventually fail under such conditions.