SavvyLevel and External Mount Bundle for Caravans with a Metal Front Wall

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Save money when purchasing the SavvyLevel hardware and external mount as a BUNDLE.

Use this combination if your caravan or camper trailer does not have a large front window or is metal and it is required that you mount SavvyLevel in the external mount on your A frame. This mount provides IP68 rating and is fully Australian Made.


SavvyLevel HARDWARE device that replaces the spirit level and allows you to level your caravan or camper in under a minute, by YOURSELF. 

Ask yourself? What was your last levelling experience like? SavvyLevel will make it 100% EASIER! 

SavvyLevel can be mounted internally if you have a fiberglass caravan. If you have a heavy metalised caravan you will need to purchase the external mount also.

If you wish to DIY installation you can purchase the SavvyLevel and internal wiring kit in our products section.

SavvyLevel is a revolution in caravan, camper trailer and motorhome levelling. Purchase the SavvyLevel hardware and download the FREE SavvyLevel app. 

Buy SavvyLevel by itself if you have a large front window in your caravan or your caravan or camper are fibreglass. If not please purchase the SavvyLevel BUNDLE with external mount and kit.

If you have a motorhome or campervan you can purchase this model alone and download the SavvyLevelRV app for motorhomes and campervans.

Please note: all SavvyLevel app features and additions are FREE by simply updating your app for all RV's.