Compact First Aid Kit

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Small accidents happen just when you are going about your daily routine. In your home, in your car, at the office, on a hike, you name it, the possibilities are endless. That is why we have designed the Compact First Aid Kit, known for its great value for money and convenient size. 

This small first aid kit is ideal as a starter kit. It can be left in your car’s glove box storage compartment or a kitchen drawer, ready for quick access when those unexpected burns or cuts occur. 

What's in the Compact Kit?

Contained within the Compact First Aid Kit is a pamphlet to guide you through first aid scenarios so you can act swiftly in the case of an incident. 

QTY Content
25 Adhesive dressing strips
1 Adhesive island dressing 7.5 x 5cm
2 Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 5cm
4 Gauze swab 5 x 5cm
2 Antiseptic wound wipe
2 Alcohol wipe
1 Gauze bandage 7.5cm
5 Disposable splinter probes
1 Scissors
2 Disposable nitrile gloves (1 pair)
1 Triangular bandage
1 Disposable CPR face shield
1 First aid pamphlet
3 Safety pins