UltraGauge Fuel Calibration

Calibrate MPG/Fuel

MENU - Vehicle Setup - Calibration - Calibrate MPG/Fuel

This calibration is used to fine-tune UltraGauge to accurately measure fuel usage. This calibration is critical, especially for vehicles which use a MAP sensor, diesels and alternative fuels.

  • For vehicles that use a MAP sensor*, see the menu section on Adaptive Volumetric Efficiency before proceeding.

  • Prior to this calibration, consider performing the distance calibration. See the section: Calibrate Distance


Calibration can not be performed if less than 4 liters or 1 gallon have been used.

The gauges that depend on fuel usage will not be accurate until this calibration is complete.


Calibration Procedure:

1. Fill up the fuel tank.

2. Set the ignition to the RUN position (Engine Off)

3. Press and hold the UP key to cause UltraGauge to recognize the fill-up

4. Zero the Average MPG. MENU --> Gauge/Page Menu --> Zero Ave MPG, G/H.

5. Exit the Menu system

6. Drive until its time for the next fuel fill-up.

7. At the next fuel fill-up, fill the fuel tank and note the number of gallons/liters used (pumped). (Always use

the same fuel station and the same fuel pump)

8. Set the ignition to the RUN position (engine off)

9. Press and hold the UP key to cause UltraGauge to recognize the fill-up

10. Select MENU --> Vehicle Setup --> Calibration --> Calibrate MPG/Fuel, and change the value displayed to the amount of fuel recorded in step #7. Press MENU when complete to set and save the calibration.

11. Exit the Menu system the cal is complete

Congratulations, you have successfully calibrated UltraGauge to your vehicle.

For further information and proceedures such as Multi-Fill Calibration, please refer to page 36 on the User Guide - https://ultra-gauge.com/ultragauge/support/Ultra_Gauge_EM_Manual.pdf